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In 2013, Audrey’s life took a turn and reached an all-time low.  Although she had overcome many obstacles throughout her life, it still felt like this dark cloud was chasing her and she was tired of it.  At a seminar, Audrey heard "You Create Your Own Reality".  There was an instant rejection of the thought that we would create our own misery.  However, this statement led Audrey to try something different and she began searching for out-of-the box solutions and a more mindful way to deal with this thing called life.  

Multiple certifications, training, books, programs, and beautiful guides began appearing in Audrey’s life, providing her with tools to raise her level of awareness to the negative patterns in her life so that she could then release them and embody the woman she was always meant to be.


Audrey is now creating her dream life and is amazed by it every day.  Her shift in perspective helped her to realize that life is beautiful and we are not meant to suffer.  This encouraged her to chase her passion to serve others.   


Audrey has always wanted to be a teacher and also loves being a student.

Utilizing holistic healing modalities like Reiki, Quantum Coaching, Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, and Brain-Based Wellness, Audrey teaches her clients practical tools to navigate through the challenges of life with grace, love, truth, and understanding.


She will meet you where you are, endeavoring to walk beside you, encouraging you, teaching you, and sharing her most valued tools that will empower you to change your life.

Audrey Mystic Medicine KC
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