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Home Energy Cleansing

Welcome to our house clearing service. Our team of experts will help you clear any negative energy and create a harmonious in your home. Whether you're moving into a new house or just want to refresh the energy in your current home, we have the expertise to help. Contact us today to schedule your house clearing session.

Image by Joanna Kosinska


Audrey and her team work with spiritual guides, Reiki and other modalities to connect with your space and remove negative or stuck energies. This process is grounded in your intentions for your space, and instilling powerful blessings to cleanse and rejuvenate the energy of the space,  Energy is influenced by all things and people all the time, making it highly beneficial to cleanse often.

Suggestions may be offered for improvements in keeping your space feeling grounded, safe, and like home!

Good times to clear the energy in your home:

· Moving to a new home

· Major life transitions (i.e. new baby, breakup or divorce, passing of a loved one, etc.)

· Uneasy feelings or encounters with disembodied beings

· After removing clutter

· Anytime fresh energy for a new project or opportunity is desired/needed


**This service takes about 2-4 hours, depending on the size and history of the space.

Please contact me, indicating the size in square feet, the number of rooms you have, and why you are requesting your home or office to be cleared. 

Business & Commercial

Similar to residential spaces, business and other properties are often housing negative energy blockages.  It is especially important in business environments to have clear, bright, and uplifting vibrations:  ensuring management and employees are working in the best possible environment.  

Having cleansed energy in the workplace is imperative to building and maintaining positive morale on the job and inhibits motivation among individuals.

Looking for better productivity and results from your business and its employees?

Consider an energy cleanse to rejuvenate the entrepreneurial spirit in your workplace.

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